Multiple Sales Channels

we help you to take advantage of all sales channels
to increase your auto parts sales

Save time

take advantage of the car disassembler tool and the integrations with third-party software

Run Your Business from Anywhere

no matter where you are, you are aware of what is happening in your store

Save costs

when publish ads to OLX/Autovit and



Track stock and sales in real time
Whenever a customer visits your website or asks by phone, by email or at the office, the system will know if a car part has been sold or is still in stock.



Take control over your sales
Use the system to manage all your sales. Mark the orders when they are ready for delivery. Manage the refunds. Mark the orders with custom tags. Report sales by day, month, year, tags, statuses.


Car Dismantling

Dismantle cars super fast
We have build a tool with all the car parts that allows you to dismantle the cars super fast. Just type the price and the auto part is ready to be sold.
And it's not only fast, it's smart too because it knows specific car parts for specific cars.


3th party integrations

Export the cars parts to other sales channels
Publish ads to other sales channels like Autovit/OLX and is easy and fast. Actually you don't have to do anything, the system will do everything for you. Just set up the third-party accounts and wait for the sales to come.

Don't waste time on writing AWBs
The integration with the courier systems will do the AWBs. When you are ready just push a button in the system to call courier.

Ecommerce Website

An online store puts your second hand auto parts right in the palms of clients hands on their phone or tablet, no matter where they are located. There are no restrictions on when people can shop. Just publish your second hand auto parts on your own website, publish ads and get more sales.

  • Increased customer reach
  • No opening time restrictions
  • Extend your local reach
  • More measurable than other sales approaches

Inventory Management System

When it comes to growing your business, one of the biggest challenges is managing your inventory. In fact, as your order volumes increase, attempting to manually manage your operations becomes impossible. Streamlining your inventory management processes you can also benefit from further cost-savings.

  • Simplified inventory management
  • Reduced risk of overselling
  • Greater cost-savings
  • Make more profitable business decisions

Behind the scenes

Functionality / Scalability / Flexibility / Convenient integration


More Features

The system was designed together with specialists from the car dismantling industry to satisfy the needs of daily activity. We automate the management of car parts on cars and shelves to simplify the sales process.

Cars Management

car sales reports, auto parts for each car sales inventory report

Auto Parts Management

daily sales reports

Car Dismantler

increase the speed of inserting the auto parts

Order Management

More Features

Ads publishing

on and OLX/

Automatic AWBs

integration with Fun Courier through the service


Pricing Plan

the software is sold with zero initial fee
all you need to pay is a monthly subscription fee


  • €100
  • auto parts inventory
  • responsive website
  • sales management
  • export parts
  • basic support
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  • €200
  • auto parts inventory
  • responsive website
  • sales management
  • export parts
  • standard support
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  • call
  • all standard features +
  • custom website
  • custom reports
  • custom exports
  • advanced support
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This section is intended to offer answers to some common questions and concerns associated with the use of the SaaS application.

Usually, you will pay, in advance, a month to month Subscription Fee. You can cancel any time and your account will be closed after the paid period finishes.
To assist you, we provides the following support services depending on your subscription:
  • basic support: web tickets, first respond in 24h
  • standard support: phone and web tickets, first respond in 2h
  • advanced support: phone and web tickets, dedicated account
All rights to your data are maintained by you. We provide you the ability to easily export your data and take it elsewhere, if desired. Your contact data will never be shared with or sold to a third party. So long as your account is active, you have full access to your information, for viewing or transfer, at any time.
We use a hosting service from DigitalOcean. Depending on where your business is located, your data is deployed in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Frankfurt, London or Amsterdam.

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